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updated 4/11/00

Sour Grapes - missing hair ribbon, one dress strap & Dreggs - excellent condition Item #
Parfait Parrot - few paint chips - very clean - good cond. 
Lime Chiffon - complete - small amount of fading on tights - excellent condtion 
Angel Cake - missing halo - Souffle in exc. cond. - hair is not as curly as when she was new - excellent condition 
Purple Pie Man - missing spoon - besides regular mustache he unfortunately also has a drawn in one, almost looks like it was original - good condition 
Escargot Snail - missing all other pieces (just the snail) - minor scratches on shell and normal wear on bottom - no eye stickers - good condition 
Big Berry Trolley - missing flower, both stair railings, token holder, directional strawberry - bell still has a muffled ring - 4 of the stickers are still intact - rough condition 
Blueberry Muffin mini - w/hoe - paint rubs on hat, dress, hoe
Cherry Cuddler mini - standing with Gooseberry  - exc. cond. - minor paint rubs
Berry Wear - pink and white polka dot  hat, only, to Berry Sleepy Pajama set 
Berry Wear - hot pink bathing suit, only, to Berry Beachy Beach outfit
Yellow and white striped bathing suit for 5 1/2" dolls (not sure if its actually SSC but it fits them) (I got it in a boxlot)
Hat - hat for SSC lookalike - white with green and yellow leaves - exc. cond.
Picnic Table - one of the pieces to the Escargot snail cart - missing all of the little rubber band type straps - has two of the placemat stickers - excellent condition
Deluxe Mini - cart to Mint Tulip - missing umbrella and Mint Tulip - exc. condition
Tricycle - missing seat and bumper sticker -  excellent condition - there is residue of paper where bumper sticker was
Gazebo - includes only Strawberry topper, 5 vines, and complete gazebo shell - no stickers - one small piece of hinge broken off but gazebo still stays together very well  - no furniture  - good condition
Big Berry Trolley - missing one stair rail, locator dial, one pair of wheels, center vine post, and flower topper - stickers are rough - bell faint and with slight rust - still has berry deposit box - rough condition
Berry Bake Shoppe piece - green bottom piece only - stickers in fair condition - overall pretty good  condition
Escargot Snail - missing everything but the snail himself - good cond. - no eye stickers - very slight  wear on his wheel
Green Cart - just the cart portion of the snail cart - missing the picnic table and everything else - good condition - no wear on wheels - missing bumper sticker - small clean break at one of the corners (glued back together and barely visible)


Stinger - scorpion - mint condition $15.00



Ordering Instructions

The above prices do not include the price of shipping.  However I have decided to have some set prices for shipping.  Items will be shipped USPS.  For the larger items such as the trolley shipping will be $4.50.  For the dolls shipping is $3.20.  Any of the smaller items will also be shipped at $2.75.  If you are ordering more than two or three items please contact me about shipping prices at the below email address.  If you desire your packages to be insured please add an extra $.75 to your total.  Please contact me about putting items on hold.  Items on hold will be held for 10 after receiving request.  After that they will be back up for sale.  I accept PERSONAL CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS.  Personal checks have a 7 day waiting period.  I am also willing to trade.

Payment can be made out to and sent to:
Ruth Ann Shevitz
RR3, Box 326D
Laurel, DE  19956

The above information is subject to change without notice.

My Want List
MOC minis
several misc. small pieces to Berry Bake Shoppe-
 pie plates, shovel
accessories to mini Garden Shoppe
mini houses
sleeper dolls
Cafe Ole' MIB
Almond Tea loose
Mint Tulip loose and MIB
Party Pleasers
misc. parts to Berry Happy Home
Furniture to the house
Dancin' SSC
Store Exclusive and Special Edition Barbies
MIB Fashion Avenue fashions for Barbie
Audrey Hepburn fashions
Reasonably priced MIB furniture sets
Barbie size doll stands


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