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Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake became popular in the early 1980's.  Her Strawberry scent and berry cheery attitude won over the hearts of many little girls.  My first memory of her was seeing her in the Sears catalog wishbook, when I was 6.  Immediately I wanted her.  I can't remember if  I got her for my birthday or for Christmas but I do remember getting her.  I just thought she was the greatest.  After my sister got Blueberry Muffin for Christmas we were both hooked on her.  We wanted all of the characters.  We actively received and played with the dolls until around 1985.  During that time Strawberry Shortcake rose to stardom and fell to the depths of the "out" fad toys.  In the meantime, greeting cards were sold, more characters introduced, and more characters introduced.  During the period that SSC was at her peak, you could find almost anything with the SSC logo on it.  Even Band-aids!  There were the regular character dolls.  Then they added the international characters ( Almond Tea, Cafe Ole', Crepe Suzette, Mint Tulip).  During her decline the company tried to add a new twist to the characters and so they came out with the Party Pleaser dolls and the Berrykin dolls.  The Party Pleasers were the some of the same characters as before but had on a fancier version of their original dress.  They added a few more things to the Berrykin dolls.  They had fancy dresses, longer hair, and a little berrykin instead of a pet.  These are the hardest of all the dolls to find these days.

This has just been a sort of intro to these dolls.  There are a few other sites who give a much more detailed description.  That is why I have not put too much detail here.  If you would like more info visit my list of Strawberry Shortcake links on my homepage.

Here is a list of most of the dolls that were produced:

Strawberry Shortcake & Custard

BlueBerry Muffin & Cheesecake

Huckleberry Pie & Pupcake

Raspberry Tart & Rhubarb

Lemon  Meringue & Frappe

Orange Blossom & Marmalade

Apple Dumpling & Tea Time

Lime Chiffon & Parfait

Apricot & Hopsalot

Angel Cake & Souffle

Cherry Cuddler & Gooseberry

Butter Cookie & Jelly

Lem-n-Ada & Sugar Woofer

Crepe Suzette & Eclair

Mint Tulip & Marsh

Cafe Ole' & Burrito

Almond Tea & Marza

Plum Puddin & Elderberry

Peach Blush & Melonie Bell

Banana Twirl

Baby Needs A Name

Berry Princess

Purple Pieman & Captain Cackle - villain

Sour Grapes & Dreggs - villain

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There is no affiliation with the makers of Strawberry Shortcake.